23 December 2009

What would we do without...

...the holly leaf punch?

I mean, really, come on! It gets a work out at Christmas time like no other.

A lot of people don't like to buy seasonal punches because they think they'll only use them once a year. Not true!

Well, it's sort of true. They do only get used once a year, but during that time they get hammered and gain purchase worthy status before you can blink an eye!

The holly leaf punch is one of those that has had PW status for years now. Like, years.

Hello, holly leaf punch! Thank you for all your good work over the years. I'm happy to award you with the seasonal punch of the year...again!

(Punch takes trophy and bows in gratitude. Punches live to be used, you know)


Cue slideshow.

Pause slideshow.

This is how the holly leaf comes - with three leaves attached together. You can use it as is, or cut it apart to suit your project.

Good, hey?

Resume slideshow.

As you can see, folks, the holly leaf punch transcends all times and dates.

It's classic, yet modern.

It's stoic, yet versatile.

It's sleek and stylish.

Okay, it's not sleek, that's not the right word. It's stylish though, you've gotta give it that.

Summary: You can use the holly leaf punch on all your Christmas cards until you depart from this earth.



  1. FAR OUT you make that holly leaf look so good and versatile Debra - all the cards are wonderful!

  2. Hey Liz,

    Thanks! Got yourself a holly leaf punch? Determined to get you to buy at least one punch sometime, you know! :o)
    Have a wonderful Christmas!


  3. LOL nope no holly leaf punch but you make it look like a good idea!


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