03 November 2009

This little dude...

...is the reason I've not been on the ole bloggo...

His name is Cody.

We got him on Sunday.

This was the photo the owners sent to us when he was four weeks old. So cute!

Here he is now at eight weeks, and in our house.

He's still a bit sad because he's missing his brothers and his mum. He's getting used to me though because he's starting to run, play and follow me around. It's gorgeous.

He's been keeping us busy - bathing, de-fleaing, feeding, playing, toilet training - you know, all that.

He cried on and off for the first night. I got up to pat him at 1:45am and he was okay after that.

No crying last night. Phew.

One thing I've noticed?

He's the same colour as everything in our house!

The carpet...
The lounge...
The ottoman...
The chair...
Andrew's legs!
The tiles outside...
The brown grass...

Okay, maybe not Andrew's legs, but he's similar. Or he looked like it the other night.

Gotta watch where we step!

This guy looks nothing like Cody, but he's cute. He's in.

Will be back again soon!


  1. Hi Debra, congrats on the new arrival in the house - Cody is adorable for a dog lol... Enjoy him and his adorable antics!

  2. Hey, Liz!
    Adorable's the word!

  3. He's so cute! (And so is your punch puppy.)


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