30 October 2009

A Christmas Card

Hey there.

Back with another Christmas card this Friday.

If you've got Punch Art Fun for everyone (Book 1) near you, you might like to open it up to page 39.

See the Christmas swag at the top?

This card is a version of that one, just using a few different punches.

I've just done a bit of a count and found 4 different ones.

The story behind it is that over the years I'd collected lots of different punches of different brands. When I did the books though, I used Carl punches almost exclusively because they were easily accessible over here. So, when it came to making up the book, I re-made some of my designs out of Carl punches, so I could put them in. Thus, the one above got turned into the one in the book.

Non-Carl punches in the card above?
  • The green flower on each end. Can't really tell though, can you?
  • The tiny bow.
  • The teddy/gingerbread man.
  • The bell.

Did you guess them?

Enjoy the card!

PS. To draw the swag at the top, trace something with a curved edge. Much easier, and neater.

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