04 November 2009

Punch Art Fun - Look in the Book - page 5

Hey, how are you?

It's good to be back to our regular programming today.

Today is about LB (Look in the Book) page 5.

Now that we're over the chatty chat chat pages, we can move onto the good stuff.

And by good stuff I mean the c-o-l-o-u-r.

I looove colour!


Ah, teddy with togs on. Made a lot of him over the years.

Actually, it's Carl! Hey, Carl, how are ya, mate?

These cards are obviously not the same as the big, one-page scene on page 5, but they're cards made from the concept.

The beach concept.

A concept I'd like to engage in a lot of this summer.

And this was in my I'm-going-to-try-the-outlining-around-the-punch-pieces thing stage.

My verdict?

I don't like it.


I love colour.

I also love neat.

I don't find this neat.

Page 5 is also about the decorative scissors. Wave scissors for the water. Deckle scissors for the beach.

And this was back in the day when deco scissors were out of fashion. I refused to follow the trend because they served my water and beach purposes.

Now, they're back. And back with a vengence. Back as a border punch. Notice that? Border punches, they're everywhere!

Personally I think they rock.


That's three questions I've asked you now...

Bye now!

PS. See the story Carl's telling you on page 5? Tom is not his real name. Story? True. Name? Not. Have to protect the innocent, you know.

PPS. I collected these types of stories from my classroom for years. Never knew what I was going to do with them until I wrote the book. They're completely unrelated to anything crafty, but they're fun. Punch Art Fun. That's the correlation.

PPS. I gave a set of the books to each classroom in the school, so maybe one of the kids recognised their story in the book. That would've been funny. Silent reading after lunch and "Tom" reads the anecdote. Hey, that was me! :o) "Tom" may not remember his story, but "Andrew" (page 19) might. Pretty unforgettable story. Actually, I think his name was Andrew. Forget about protecting the innocent there...

PPSS. I never know how many P's and S's to put at this stage.

PPPPPSSSSS. Anything else to say about page 5?


The boomerang punch is a goody.

The ball is tricky to do, but you just lay the three circles on top of each other and cut the curved lines slowly. This makes three beach balls.

That's it!


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