05 November 2009

Punch Art Fun - Look in the Book - page 6

Hello again,

Have you got your Punch Art Fun book open to page 6?

There's the Sakura punch again at the top. Great fish that one!

And the deco scissors. Once again, water purposes fulfilled.

Now, how about these cute Carl cards? That Carl gets around! I love the splash of red his togs give the card.

These little scenes are fun to make because you can put anything on them.

And you can change the greeting.

In the book they say, "Have a cool birthday!" or "Stay cool on your birthday!" Hmmm, fitting.

Because we live in Australia, I changed the greeting on the one above to a Christmas one. Very fitting.

Note the date. 2001. Stay cool in 2001. Actually wasn't that the hot Christmas? Or was it 2000? Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day were all 39 degrees and humid. I remember being so hot I could barely stand it. Phew. Let's hope 2009 is cool!

A cute addition to this card could be a Santa hat on Carl. I'd do that. I should do that. Talking about these cards makes me want to go make them...

Spot the difference on this card compared to the one in the book.

It's the addition of sunglasses. I repunched a heart with a circle to make them, but I'd just punch a heart and trim straight across to make sunnies now. Easier.

And, besides the koala on this card, the main difference between these last two is the pen/no-pen option.

Carl with sunnies - no pen detail. Not on cloud, not on beach. Must've been going through a minimalist period.

Koala on beach (as if...but you know, creativeness and all that) - Lots of pen detail. Too much.

There's the lesson for today.

Hold back on the pen detail.

Do a Coco Chanel and take something off (an accessory) before you walk out the door. For us crafters that means lay off the old pen.

But please, add cuteness at every turn.

Please, keep Ken and Kennette.

Please, add a Santa hat.

(Only one though, don't want to overdo it)

The other news of page 6:

  • Don't just make trunks for togs. Look at all the options!
  • The kids in the photos belong to my friend Louise. I won't tell you how old they are now because that'd remind me of how old I am. Moving on.
  • And lastly, Bee Rested. Those little bees are one of my favourite parts of the books. So fun.

Have a great day!


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