06 November 2009

Christmas Card Friday


What about a snowman card for Christmas this year?

Now, I realise after all the talk of 39 degree days it seems silly to put a snowmen card up, but go with me here...

You could use this card for a couple of reasons.

Reason 1: It could be tongue-in-cheek to your family and friends. You know, wishing and hoping we won't swelter on the day this year.

Reason 2: A lot of people send cards overseas to those that live in snowy countries, so yay, what a card to send.

Good enough reasons?

Gosh, I just love making cards so much that I'll make up any reason to make it work. Know what I mean??

Let's see if I can list all the supplies used on this one:
Cuttlebug Cut and Emboss snowman die and embossing folder combo. Didn't use the embossing folder on this card.
(The face is a part of the die. Fiddly diddly! You wait until you try to glue those little eyes on! I pulled out all the fine motor skills I had to get those things on there)
Cuttlebug Snowflakes embossing folder.
Sizzix Scallop square die (clear).
Pearl Glimmer Mist on the scallop square.
Did I add that Holly leaf? Looks like a CP1: Holly to me.
And the star...CP8: Star.
And the little circle...CP1: 1/4" Circle.
Bazzill Bling Feather Boa for the pink base.
Bazzill Bling Diva for the pink envelobox.
The Ultimate Crafters Companion to make the envelobox. Love those enveloboxes.
What else? Ah, tracing tool. The good old tracing tool.
(It's a little wheel with spokes attached to a handle, and when you run it along the card like a pizza cutter, it looks like faux stitching)
They were used in the olden days...back in the day....way back in the day for pattern making.
They're also used nowadays, but not as much. I say back in the day because I use my great grandmother's that my mum had in the old Singer sewing machine. Mine's from back in the day alright.
You can buy them at Spotlight. And haberdashers.
I love saying haberdashers.
Go on, say it...
Fun, eh?


  1. Oh, I want one of those. "I'm still dreaming of a white Christmas". Chuckle.

  2. I want one too ! I'll dream with you Claire.


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