27 November 2009

Christmas Card Friday - Circle Tree

Hi, how's your week been?

I'm back with a simple Christmas card for you today.

It was inspired by the circles tree on page 37 of Punch Art Fun for Everyone (blue one). It's actual size in the book, so the design is small.

Below the design is on a regular sized card and uses:
CP1/CP2: Circles
CP2: Square
CP1: Star
A lot of foam tape.

Foam tape and I are best friends. We like each other and we hang out a lot.

There's two layers of circles as you can see. They were an accident, sort of.

A few circles fell on my desk like that, so onto the card they went.

Worked well and upped the ante on the card a bit.

Gotta up the ante, you know.

Design is all about the ante...

At the moment my ante is making matching envelopes/enveloboxes.

They rock.


A printed, pretty, I'm one-of-a-kind and I'm-all-that envelope sitting in a letterbox just makes the world spin better on it's axis.

Actually, Lord, I know You've got that all under control, but You of all people know that design and creativity are cool, so I know You get me on this.

World spinning on axis....

Recipient with smile on face...

Okay, so it looks like I got the envelope upside-down in the photo, but I didn't. When you use a horizontal pattern to make an envelope on the Crafter's Companion it turns out that way.

Check the first photo. That's the front of the envelope.

Slanty trees, but at least they're not upside-down.

To avoid the whole slanty, upside-down thing you'd have to cut your paper to get the pattern right before you start scoring and folding.

Or you'd just use your Scor-Pal because you don't turn the paper on there.

Slanty trees.

Non-slanty trees.

It doesn't really bother me.

Let's put it this way. I'm not cutting the paper to match the pattern to make it all horizontal and whatnot.

Slanty trees or not, the world will keep on spinning.

And we have You to thank for that, Lord.

You rock.

Envelopes are insignificant.

Nuff said.

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