09 November 2009

Hello Monday

Hey there,

Wanted to send a couple of links your way today.

Remember I mentioned I'm having a blog promotion in a couple of weeks? The promotion will be about the Scor-Pal and will run from 16 to 20 Nov. I'll be showing you what the tool is, how it works and of course some projects made using it. What a great tool it is too! You'll also have the opportunity to purchase one at a 15% discount. You'll need the coupon code for that, so stay tuned, it'll be fun!

Kristina Werner is doing 25 videos over the next month. That's right, 25! She's doing one each day from Monday to Friday (Tuesday to Saturday for us) until about Dec 4. Well worth the watch. She's great at those videos. She's already done five, so head on over to her blog to check them out.

Ali Edwards has started putting together her December Daily album.

She's done this for the last few years and explains what it is, and why she does it etc, on her blog. Well worth a look even if you're not necessarily interested in doing one yourself. Honestly, her stuff rocks.

Monday, 26 October is when she introduces the December Daily album for this year, so start your reading there. Last week she posted the foundation pages and lots of explanations.

I did the December Daily last year and got a lot of enjoyment out of putting it together and documenting our Christmas season.

Just to explain, the December Daily album is just that. You take a photo a day in December and do a little journalling about each one. The key to making it work is having the foundation of the album done before the busy season begins.

So you can see a finished version, here's a link to her 2008 December Daily.

And here's her 2007 one. Scroll down to Weds, 7 Nov. And look here for the full book.

(Hopefully all the links work!)

I've not decided if I'll do one this year. It was a lot of work last year (I made it that way because of the type of book I made etc) and I remember finding it hard to keep up with it, especially in the week leading up to Christmas. Ali said the same thing.

Here's a photo of my desk with all Christmas bits and other stuff on it from last year. Seeing this photo makes me want to do another December Daily.

If I do, I'll make it simpler.

Will post pics of my book and you'll see what I mean!

Bye for now,


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