19 October 2009

What about this?

Hi, hope you had a good weekend!

I showed you this card a while ago. It's using actual road map paper from a big road atlas.

Today's idea - Why not use some of the maps as envelopes? Might as well!

Reasons why this is a good idea:

  • The atlas paper is big enough to make envelopes. My atlas is A3. Great size.
  • It's a good way to use up the old atlas!
  • Who wouldn't like to get a printed envelope in the mail? Honestly, what's with all the white?
  • It's cheap.
  • It's easy.
  • It's fun to do something different.
  • Doing something different can spark other creative ideas.

Think of the atlas paper as a springboard to other envelope paper ideas...

What about wrapping paper for example? (the thicker stuff) You know all those ends of the rolls that you have hanging around? Use 'em up!

Or why not use Christmas wrapping paper to make Christmas envelopes! Ooohh, love that.

Ah ha, here's a good one. Use that scrapbooking paper you know you're not going to use. You know the stuff you can't throw it away because it just seems so wasteful? Use it for envelopes! Why not?

Or wrapping paper! Use your scrapbooking paper as wrapping paper! Again, why not?

Gosh, you could even use junk mail as envelopes if you wanted to. Anything big enough and colourful enough to make an impression in the letterbox is what you're going for. Old calendars? Old magazines?

Another reason this is a good idea to try? It gets your creativity going and you never know where that'll lead ya!

Ah ha, the stepping stones of creativity. My mum has done many (many) crafts over the years and she always says they were a path of stepping stones that led from one to the next. And sometimes the skills you get from one can be put to good use in the next craft. Or the 8th craft after it. Or not in craft at all, but life. That's true...deep, but true.

Go on, I dare you. Walk around the house and see if you can't come up with some other fun paper options for some cool and different envelopes. Might sound like a dumb idea, but you never know what other ideas it might lead you to!

Have fun,

Oh, and PS. I use envelope templates to make my envelopes. I bought some online at Sandy Jane Designs - plastic ones from Kreaxions. Or you can use the Enveloper from Crafters Companion I think it is (check Google or You Tube). Or you can even try googling envelope templates to see what you come up with. Finding a quick and easy way to make envelopes will make a difference as to whether you produce them or not!


  1. You come up up with some great idea's!! Gone are the plain boring white envelopes for me!!

  2. Hey Jammie,
    Thanks! The one I want to try is Christmas wrapping paper as an envelope. Oh, so fun! Yep, gone are the boring white ones. Bring on the colour!
    Love your comments,


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