16 October 2009

A Christmas card, or two.

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas...

Actually it started feeling like Christmas way back in August when I started making up this year's Christmas class. Feels like I celebrate Christmas for 6 months of the year!

These cards are not from this year's class. They're from oh, 2001. And I know this because I dated them.

Squint. See the dates?

These cards were made in my teddy-bear-with-fabric-paint era.

And the red-glitter-on-the-baubles era.

And the every-Christmas-card-I-make-is-red-and-green era.

And I didn't even remember that I used to use red glitter until I saw these cards! How quickly we forget these things...

Same card, two different colour combos. Which do you like? Red background, or green?

Today I'm going to say green. I think I like the green background.

The thing that hasn't changed about this card? It's still cute. And I'd still make it the same way, except for one thing.

I'd try to lighten up on the old fabric paint on the tree. Or leave it off altogether.

There you go.

Love ya, punch art.

8 years later and you're still kickin' it.

CP1: 3/16" Circle (baubles), Bow Tie.
CP2: Bear.
CP8: Star.
CP11G: Tree.
And fabric paint in metallic gold. I'd go straight to Spotlight for that. Not even sure if they sell it, but that's the place to check. You can make the card without the fabric paint. Still looks good.

More Christmas cards to come!

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