22 October 2009

Punch Art Fun 1 - Look in the Book - page 3

Hi, today it's all about page 3!

I made up the Chat Pages because I wanted a place to put all the bits and pieces I thought the reader might want to know. It's the teacher in me, you know.

(And I really have to say this too. Being a teacher I find it hard to type words/phrases like, "gotta, whaddya reckon, ya, 'em" etc on here. I've tried to use the correct English and it just sounds so formal and stoddy and completely unnatural. I've relented and decided to use those words, because sounding natural is more important than being proper on here. Hopefully that makes sense!)

Back to page 3.

I used a lot of the information from the Chat Pages for my very first punch art class called (what else?) The Basics. Good class that. A bit of talking, but it orientated people into the world of punch art (and boy, is it a world!). We made two cards at the end, and the lights started binging.

I love it when people "get" punch art for the first time. Mouths hang open, eyebrows are raised and bells start dinging.

I've always enjoyed that bit.

Oh, another card from 2001. What's with the dating of some of the cards, Debra? I can't tell you, I really can't.

I'm a date person, so maybe I just wanted to know the date each one was made. Gotta admit, I like knowing this card was made in 2001. It's using the Kikyou flower in CP1, CP2 and CP11G. Really nice flower, that one.

(Circles are - CP1: 3/16" and 1/2" Circle)

And it's on a swirl. I chose this card for this page because of the swirl.

See the swirl on page 3?

Ah, the swirl. How many cards have I made with you as a base? Like, 2000.

Am I kidding? A bit, but it feels like 2000 because I have used you so much. Once you start to swirl, you don't stop!

And I included the front cover of my little punch art book (also shown in a previous post, but I've taken the photo again) to show you that you can use the swirl by itself as a little flourish to jazz up the card or whatever.

Another idea? Use a glue pen to draw a swirl and spinkle with glitter. Nice.

You see? Design really is just creative recycling.


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