23 October 2009

A Christmas Card


It's the end of the week again. Boy, time is flying quickly. The busy season is coming, I can feel it. What about you?

Wanted to share another Christmas card with you today.

Very simple. Very doable. Very cute.

Really, simple is good. Don't you think?

Punches (None of them are Carl, but their equivalents are):
CP1: Bow Tie
CP8: Star
CP11G: Bear

That star-like shape is called "Quasar", I think. It's an interesting shape, but I didn't use it much, so I think I sold it.

This is the bear I used to use all the time. It's a different brand - maybe Punch Bunch, or Nankong. I then swapped over to the Carl bear and started using him. Didn't like him as much at first, but soon liked him better. You just get used to what you use all the time, don't you?

Another Christmas card next Friday!

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