21 October 2009

Punch Art Fun - Look in the Book - page 2

Hello, and welcome to LB - p2!

I'm trying to use the short title...

So, for page 2, we're going to focus on the tools list.

We had Top 10 Punches, and I really needed to have Top 10 Tools.

Added this bee card (it's a gift card, ie. the front is 5 x 5 cm) for a bit of fun and colour, and to go with the bee theme of page 1.

If you're going to make one, I suggest gluing the wings behind his body, not just behind his head. They look better back there.

I wouldn't change the tools list much at all. I still need (and use) all those things.

I don't use fabric paint as much anymore. Not because it's not trendy, but because I just do different things now. If I made an older card again, I'd still use fabric paint.

There's the fabric paint bottle in the photo. It's made by Plaid and the colour name is Pure Gold Metallic.

Other things I wanted to mention:

Try to buy your flat tape (double-sided sticky tape) and the foam tape in different thicknesses and heights, so you have different options when putting your cards together. I particularly like to have two different thicknesses of foam tape.

That's the glue I use at home. Because I like to work quickly, and I want stuff to dry quickly, I use this white, quick-dry adhesive. I buy it in Big W for about $8 or so. It has a small tip and you can stand the bottle on the lid to keep the glue at the tip too. I really like it.

I still use two pairs of scissors. The pink ones are for paper, and the yellow/black ones are for tape. They have teflon coated blades, so the tape doesn't stick as much. If I lost these scissors, I'd buy another pair straight away. Love them.

Things to help you pick up the bits! In the photo there's a Jewel Picker by Marvy, and a Quick Stik by Quickutz. They work with the same principle of having something sticky that you press onto the punch piece to lift it up off the table and onto your project.

The Jewel Picker has a small red bit that's sticky. I like this tool. It's simple and you can wash the red tip to restore the stickiness if you need to.

The Quick Stik has more gumption, ie. more stickiness. You wind up the plasticine type stuff and pull it off when it loses it's stickiness. Once it's gone, you have to buy a new tool. That'll take ages! It also has another tool in the end (that pulls out) that you can use to help position the punch pieces.

They're great tools!

And here's my old favourite - the hockey stick tweezers.

I don't know what they're actually made for, I don't know where I got them, but they've been invaluable to me, and I'd replace them tomorrow too.

Don't know where from though, because the good ones can be hard to find. I'd be on the internet looking round for starters.

That's it for page 2.

Stay tuned for page 3!

CP1: Vinca-B (the one on card is another brand).
CP1: 1/4" Circle.
CP1: Balloon.
CP1: 1/2" Circle (again, the circle above is another brand. It's slightly bigger).
CP11G: Balloon.

Keep punching!


  1. I found the the hockey stick tweezers at Photo Continental. The brand was Provocraft. It's a two pack for about $6.00. I also have a pair that came with my overlocker sewing machine. These are tricky machines to thread & the angle of these tweezeers are great for getting into the funny places on this sewing machine.

  2. Righto! Thanks for the info. It's good to know. I've always been a little concerned about losing those tweezers, you know?


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