15 October 2009

Look in the Book - page 1

Hi, welcome to Look in the Book, page 1.

Got your copy? Flick to page 1 and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Things to say about page 1 -

That photo of me was taken at a birthday party. Rochelle just cropped and tweaked it. Done.

Ah, more little bees. I'm the top one. Andrew's the cool one.

We bought a boat engine for the tinny. That paragraph has made him quite famous. People ask me about him all the time!

Top 10 Punches - I really wanted to add this section because people asked me about my favourites a lot. We all want to know which ones to buy, don't we? My absolute favourites were, and still are, circles!

All circles. All sizes. All the time!

This card isn't in the book, but I chose it out of my stash because of all the circles on it.

Put them in a grid, add a couple of things, and you're done. The hardest part is lining up the circles. And all you do to do that is pretend there's a dot in the middle of each circle and line them up. Ignore the actual sizes of the circles, that'll confuse you.

I've made this card with a bear instead of a girl.

Or you could do a boy and then put a boyish thing in the corner.

Or a clown. What about a clown?

So, number 1 on the Top 10 Punches list - circles. The others were a bit harder to define because there were so many that I used all the time, but I narrowed it down eventually.

And I still fully agree with the paragraph down the bottom. Buy your punches in a theme, so you can make something as soon as you go home. No point having a star, heart and car and not being able to do anything with them!

Punches I'd add to the list now:

  • Sakura-A (for strawberries)
  • Holly
  • Christmas Hat (Santa Hat)
  • Momiji (for strawberries)
  • Fern (for head feather on chicks)
  • Boomerang (chook legs)

(turn to the Shadow Sheets on pages 41/42 to see them)

And ones I love now, but didn't exist back then:

  • Scalloped circles
  • Scalloped squares
  • Border punches

Well, that's page 1.

Remember to leave a comment, or send me an email, if you have any questions!

(Don't be shy. Other people are probably wondering the same thing...)


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