10 September 2009

"Receive a card in the mail day"

Hey, how are you?

You've seen these photos here before, I'm just adding them again to make the place look pretty.

Turns out the place looks quite grassy. It's still pretty, just very grassy too.

Grassy and leafy.

Now, real reason for this post?

Today is "Receive a card in the mail day"...

Or "Snail mail" day...

Or "Get some sunshine in your letterbox" day...

Or "It's better than a bunch of flowers because it won't wilt" day...

Or "Do you want to walk to your letterbox and have a card there for you?" day...

Wow, lots of options for this day we're having. I'll stick with "Receive a card in the mail day" because it was my first idea, and it's one of the shorter titles.

So, what I'm sayin' is...would you like to receive a card in the mail?

Why? you say.

For no reason.

Just because.

Because I want to.

But why? you say.

Well, just because it'd be nice and I thought you'd like to receive something handmade and handwritten. Doesn't happen often, does it? Or does it? If so, you're a lucky ducky.

So, would you like a card? Email your name and address to me at and.deb@bigpond.com (with Snail mail in the subject line) and I'll send you one!

Or maybe you have a friend that needs a bit of cheering up right now. Send me their name (I'll put their name in the card) with your name and your address and I'll send you the card and you can send it on to them. Would be great for me to send it direct to your friend, but with privacy and all that, I'd be best for you to send it on, you know?

I tell ya, when I go to the letterbox and see a handwritten note, it's a...

Want a happy day to come your way too?

You know what to do!


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  1. Wow Debra what a fab idea - I may steal that one. I LOVE that Happy Day card - the colours are wonderful together. Do I spy some Cosmo pp!!!!! I am still loving that Early Bird paper!


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