11 September 2009

A nice combination

What about this one?

Jammie and I had a chat in the comments section about the cards I made, then switched, last week. Our chat inspired me to make this...

What do you think?

For me, it's become a new favourite. A bit of bright, and a bit of the woodgrain. And glitter. Nice. Pink and brown always look good together.

Hey, Jammie, want one of these in your letterbox?

And you might even receive one of these in the mail if you take me up on yesterday's offer. You might not either, because I haven't decided on the cards I'm sending, but still, you might. :o)


  1. Oh Debra this is different and fun - love the different looking papers - who would have thought they would go together so well!

  2. I think I like this combo the best. The pink butterfly (not moth) goes nicely with the woodgrain paper.

  3. Yep, me too. Made up a couple of other glittery ones the other day too using some of the My Minds Eye papers that we used for the flowers. I'll be putting them up soon as well. Yes, not moth. :o)


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