09 September 2009

Father's Day

This is my dad and I on Saturday.

Notice we're not in the boat.

Notice it's sunny.

It's difficult to predict what the weather's going to do, but in Brisbane we should know that full days of rain are rare indeed, even if it is bucketing in the morning.

We should have taken the boat over anyway and made a decision later.

Sometimes you just have to make a decision and stick with it.

And sometimes you wish you'd made a different decision. Rats.

But we still enjoyed the sunshine, had special Father's Day bakery treats (yep, meat pie for the dad), a huge sandwich for lunch and watched other people sail by in their boats. It was the first day of the sailing season, so there were lots of boats out.

(Ah, I'm wearing the blue striped jumper again. I like that thing. And why not double up on the stripes? Why not, I say? Exactly.)

Look, there's a few of said boats going by. That should've been us. That could've been us. That will be us soon. We'll be in the tinny, of course, not in one of those flasho boats.

Hey, Dad, Happy Father's Day. You're a perfect 10.

The rest of the day/weekend was great too. Hanging out with my family at Mum and Dad's, having dinner and then doing it all again the next day with Andrew's family, minus the boat.

Happy Father's Day, Dad Clark! We know you had a good day too. And you deserved it.

(No great photo to insert here unfortunately)

Love Andrew and Deb


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