14 September 2009

A cute gift

Hi everyone,

How was your weekend? Did you get to enjoy the sunshine? The weather forecast for the next few days around here is fine, fine, fine! Good old Queensland, the Sunshine State.

A quick, fun project to share with you today.

I've linked you to Erin's paper trinket boxes before, but here it is again in case you need to look. Click here.

I've made a few of these boxes and given them as gifts with different things inside. Money, chocolates...anything.

Below is an easy one. Well, easy for us because we have chooks. And we grew that parsley. You could put eggs in a box too, but it could be a little weird if you don't have your own chooks, you know? Like, why are you giving me eggs?

That exact thing happened to us a while ago when I gave the eggs-in-the-little-box-with-the-chick-on-the-front to my newlywed cousin and her husband as a little house warming and welcome-to-the-world-of-cooking-now-that-you-have-your-own-kitchen gift.

She was like, "Ah, I got eggs...." but the look on her face was said, "Ah, I got eggs, but why am I getting eggs? Like, isn't that a bit weird? Why wouldn't you just give me the whole dozen?" You know a quizzical look...

I said, "The eggs are from our chooks!" and she got it. We chuckled. "And that parsley is from our garden. And that straw is from our chook shed..."

(I don't think I got straw from the actual chook shed. I think I got it from under the house where we keep it before it goes to the chook shed. I'm all about health and safety and not having poop on the straw afterall.)

And it was obvious that I made the box and whatnot for her. All of a sudden it wasn't weird, it was nice. Just a little gift from me to her. We always pretend to include the boys in these things...ie. a little gift from us to them, but really it was from me to her. :o)

The actual box below was given with a bunch of flowers for a 40th - it's a versatile little gift!

Also made one for my dad for a gift with cash inside. It was yellow with a black tyre on the front. He was getting money for a 4 x 4 magazine subscription.

Also made a stack of three for the neighbours to say thanks for looking after our chooks while we were away. No real eggs for them though because they'd been collecting them all. They got chocolate eggs because it was around Easter.

Versatile gift idea. Get me?

And with Christmas coming up, need I say more?

Um, yes.

School teacher gift with Christmas ornament, little cards, pens, notepaper, jokes, chocolates, lollies, gingerbread biscuits or any other little thing(s) inside.

Friend gift with any of the above inside.

Other things to put inside - gift card, money, movie ticket, restaurant voucher, tiny scrapbook album made using the Bind-it-All, any other tiny scrapbook album, photos.

Oh, and a cute baby shower gift! Little baby on the front with little socks inside. Cute. Cute.

Okay, enough said.

The gift boxes rock. That's it. End of story.

Have a great day!

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