15 September 2009

Another gift idea...

Hey, how are you?

I've got another gift box to show you today. This one is definitely for a wedding. A lot of couples just need money (or gift cards) nowadays, and rather than just putting it in card in an envelope, why not make a box? You could attach the card to the outside with some ribbon, or just put it inside. Something different, and a bit special.


Have a few more box ideas to show you soon...


  1. Hi Debra. These are beautiful! Perfect for a wedding gifts. They'd be great as little boxes for sugar coated almonds (I used Kool mints because I don't like almonds)as gifts for the guests at the wedding.

  2. OH la la Debra this is so elegant and the perfect idea for a wedding present.

  3. Thanks, girls. Kool mints, good idea! :o)


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