13 August 2009

They just keep coming...

Hello again, more cupcakes for you today!

This one below is an actual cupcake card. It's huge too. About 6 inches tall at least. I just traced around the shape to make the piece to put at the back to make the card open.

And here's some tiny ones. I realise you can't tell the difference in size as easily because of the photos, but these ones are about 2 inches tall (including the button). They're not cards either, they're magnets. So cute.

The one in the back is stuck to the top of a gift box. Remember the link to the gift boxes that Erin showed me how to make? It's one of those.

Don't you think this would make a cute gift? A little box of cupcake magnets.

At the moment they're sitting on my shelf in my room so I can look at them and enjoy them. After a while they'll go on the fridge and I'll look at them there. I like making pretty things to look at, do you?

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