12 August 2009

Ekka holiday

Today is the Ekka holiday, but we're not going because we went last Friday. Andrew did a bit of volunteer work there, so we spent the day there together. Or I spent most of the day walking around by myself until he finished. I missed him, but I had fun looking around at everything. Haven't been for few years and really enjoyed it actually.

Ah, more wood chop. Can't go wrong there. Was there for the last half hour of the day and saw the last heats of all three events. This time in the tree climb the back marker started on about 105 secs and came second. Amazing.

And the ring events. Ah, the ring events. Who can go past sitting in the grandstand watching the precision drivers and a jet truck of all things? Yes, a jet truck. It was a jalopy with a jet engine on the back - so cool! I was too busy watching the thing to take a photo, and only realised after, so I took the one of Andrew and I with our thumbs up. Pretty fun.

And a tip for taking photos of fireworks. Put your camera on your fireworks setting if you have one (most cameras have heaps of specific settings nowadays) and use your husband's head as a tripod!

Have a great holiday day today!

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