05 August 2009

These make me smile

More cards for you today.

Ah, fun clown. Really like him. Scalloped ovals and a big regular oval for the hair and head. And a smaller oval for the hat too.

Dahlia set for the collar. Great flowers those. And there's some other nice ones too.

And ric-rac scallop border set for the paper piercing at the bottom. Those dies cut, emboss and you can pierce the holes too. I just pierced a section to make the swirly bit at the bottom.

The rest of the clown is using punches from Carl:
CP1: 1/2 Circle - juggling balls
CP1: 3/16" Circle - flower middle, dots on bow tie
CP1: 1/8" Circle - eyes
CP1: 1/4" Circle - middle of bow tie
CP1: Heart-T - bow tie
CP1: Vinca-B - flower
CP2: 3/4" Circle - nose

Oval hand-held punch from Fiskars for the eyes and I hand cut the rectangle for the hat brim.

I think that's the whole list! Gosh, a lot of punches used, but that's not unusual. It takes a lot of punches to make characters like these, but a lot of the punches get used again and again, so it works out well.

And the punches that get used the most? Circles, circles and a bazillion more circles. I tell ya, I must use them on almost every punch art card I make. So versatile and they are needed in every size. Every. single. size. Get me? Every size. Okay, that's every size, just in case you've forgotten already.

I really do like punch art cards that make me smile and this guy's one that does. I just like him. He's cute for one. He's yellow for two (my favourite colour). He's cute for three. And he's smiling for four. He's not smiling as big as normal, but he's a bit chunky in the face, so maybe he's feeling a bit self-conscious for the camera.

Once again, pull out all those circle punches. And if by chance you don't use them all, at least you were prepared to use them all. And that's all a good punch can ask for - to be used over and over again.

They like that.

They love that.

They live for that.

Pull out your CP1: Square punch too. Now, let's talk about square punches for a second. They are must-have punches too. Must-have. But not as must-have as circle punches for some reason. Squares are great shapes and I use them all the time, but I use circles more.

Why is that? Don't know, just do. And that's all I'm going to say about that today. We're here to talk about punch art and not solve all the questions the world has to offer afterall. Remember crafting philosophy? Let's remind ourselves of that, shall we?

Crafting is about making and not about thinking all the time..... :o)

(And we smile after we say it to prove to ourselves that we really mean it and we live by it)

So, I use more circles than squares....and I don't think about why! (Actually, that's not true. I do think about why, but I'm not thinking about it today)

Alright, moving on!

What was I talking about anyway? Oh, yeah. The giraffe.

He's cute.

Nuff said.

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