06 August 2009

Just a pretty one

Good morning, hope your week is going well.

Are you enjoying the lovely weather and gorgeous sunshine? My chooks are. They're clucking around the yard having a great time. Thank you, Lord, we love the sunshine.

Did you know chooks have baths by digging a hole in the garden, sitting in it and flicking dirt all up through their feathers? I didn't either until we got some and I watched them. It's quite funny actually. And then they walk around the place with the dirt in their feathers for a while until they get on the verandah and shake it all off on my tiles. I roll my eyes and get the broom out...we have a lot of grass at our place, but they don't seem to worry about that.

I can put up with sweeping a bit of dirt off the tiles because they give us fresh eggs. And Doris is back on board and laying well after having about four months off. Good for her. Lucky for her is all I'm going to say about that...

After all the talk about chooks it would seem a chook card is in order, but it's not. :o) It could be in the future, but today is a quick flower card. I used the Dahlia set again. It's the same flower used for the collar of the clown. And the background is an Impressabilities template. They're metal and you can even cut them up if you like. If you check the link, mine is the butterfly one.

Lots of foam tape used on this card too. Foam tape is always a good option. And in different thicknesses too.

Have a great day!

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