11 August 2009

More cupcakes

Since we were talking about cupcakes yesterday, I thought I'd show you these today. They're the ones I did for my mum for Mother's Day this year. You'll recognise the Divine Swirl Cuttlebug folder on both. The card bases are String of Pearls Bazzill Bling - a nice background colour with a bit of shine of course. I put the glitter on the buttons. That's fun, you've gotta try it.
The card base is big - 6x6 square. Really into the big cards.

I always make my mum a tag for gift-giving occasions. That is, Mother's Day, her birthday and Christmas. She is collecting them on a ring and they're becoming a keepsake of bits and pieces I've given her over the years. It's just something special between her and I.

Love you, Mum.

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