01 July 2009

Quirk number two

Here's another quirk.

It's quite shocking actually.

Here it is....

I don't scrapbook a lot.

There, I've said it. I don't scrapbook a lot. Actually the last time was in February. And it was the beginning of February, no less. I did 30 or so pages while on holidays with Andrew. I had a great time! I scrapped for hours each day! I loved it! And I haven't done it since... :o(

Am I worried about that? Nup.

Am I concerned about that? Hmm, sort of. Want to do those photos, you know.

Have I missed it? Yes and no.

What have I been doing instead? Avoiding Harvey Norman because I dislike the photo printing part of scrapping. I like HN, I just don't like having to go there.

What else have I been doing instead? Blogging, making cards, making up more cards, making a lot of cards, making up classes and making up cards. Oh, and I've been making cards.

Will I be scrapping soon? Actually, yes, thanks for asking. I have two specific scrapping events planned in the coming weeks. We shall see if I get to HN in the meantime. I mean, I will get to HN in the meantime.

Will I be making cards soon? Well, of course!

Do you like making cards? Yes

More than scrapbooking? Yes (how can you tell?)

Will things always be this way? No, probably not. But I'm just going with it because creativeness ebbs and flows and you've gotta go with both!

And that's all I'm going to say about that.

Night, night.

Well, it's morning, morning, but that sounds funny.

Morning, morning (see? Told you).


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