02 July 2009

Ice creams... and quirk number three.

Here's two very different ice cream cards I've made. Both using the Cuttlebug at some point too. The icing for the top one is hand cut. I just wiggle a line until it looks good and then make a pattern of it for future use. And I've used that pattern a lot. The Cuttlebugging is on the cone with the diamonds folder. I don't know the names of the embossing folders very well. I should learn them for times like this I guess. And label them too. Also for times like this.

The second card is a small Cuttlebug embossing folder that I ran through the machine three times in cream, orange and brown. Then I did a cut and paste of the relevant shapes and stuck them together. There's a bit of stickles on the dots on the background. Cute card that. And I like how the edges of the embossed pieces are raised a bit to give it some definition. Nice.

Thought of yet another scrapbooking quirk.

Ready? It's quite weird actually.

I don't like buying embellishments. Nup, I just don't.

Actually, I don't buy embellishments much at all. Mostly I'm okay with it because I don't need them, but sometimes I wish I had a few kicking around so I could actually put something interesting on my layouts or cards... I think it's because they're too expensive mostly. Ever seen something nice, turned it over to see the price and then had to pick yourself up off the floor? I got so tired of picking myself up off the floor of scrapping shops that I stopped looking at them altogether! Hey, we live on an island, and the shipping's expensive to get stuff here, but I'm not paying $9.50 for that.

Embellishments - ignore, ignore, ignore.

Buttons - buy red and yellow. I suppose they're embellishments, but in my brain they're just buttons and are listed separate.

Ribbon - buy because it's always good. Plain, polkas and stripes.

Patterned paper - look, look, look. Buy some.

October Afternoon and Cosmo Cricket - buy, buy, buy (not the whole line of course. And the extras I don't like from the 8 x 8 pad get used somehow, even if it's just for note paper. Shocker I know, but I've got a bit of my grandma in me and can't throw it out).

Punches - look, look, look then buy, buy, buy. Or it starts with stalk, stalk, stalk then buy, buy, buy. But not all of them of course, because that would be ridiculous.

Tools - look, look, look. Buy some. Gotta love those tools.

Ah, the shopping habits of a crafter, gotta love it! :o)

Got any quirky habits of your own? You could do a page about it. You could. I can't because I don't scrapbook, remember?

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