08 July 2009


You know you've got a lot going on when you have to go to the kitchen to cut something! Look at my desk - a mess! And the other table I use for extra space - full! And the computer desk? I've been making cards there today because all the other space was used up! And then I had to cut something and I found myself here...

...yes, that's right, out in the kitchen! Look at all that free working space...nice! I have to Cuttlebug some things soon so I'll probably find myself out there again. Oh well, who cares really? It's pretty funny.

I'll Cuttlebug and make tea at the same time since it's about time for that too. Just better watch I don't get any food on the cardstock cause that wouldn't be good. :o) It's all about the multi-tasking sometimes, isn't it?

That trimmer is a very good trimmer. It's from Tonic and I've had it a while now. So great because it's got both cms and inches (I use both) and it's solid.

Well, have a good night :o)

PS. Would you believe me if I said I'm a neat person? I am!

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