11 July 2009


Hi, how's your weekend going? Today Andrew and I decided to venture out to the beach for some sun and ended up getting stuck in a lot of traffic (I'm talking for at least an hour) on the highway and then windblown on the beach. Phew, breeezzzyy! Saw a little sun in the end, but not enough. Is it just me, or has the sun been hiding this winter?

Bye for now!

PS. In the photo above I'm not in Australia. Can you guess where? Want a hint? Here it is.... AoGG.

PPS. In the photo above I am wearing the same jumper that I took today. How ironic.

PPPS. In the photo above I was freezing, like I was today. I was more freezing in the photo if that means anything. It doesn't.

PPPPS. The photo above is four years old. That makes my jumper four years old. I don't throw things out easily...

PPPPPSSSSSS. What is it about this blog that makes me want to rave on about completely inconsequential things? :o)

Bye now. I promise.

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