08 July 2009

Life's a beach...but not here!

Okay, so it's summer in some parts of the world, but not here. Freezing weather recently and I've just gone and put another jumper on. Ah, fleece, what would we do without you?

So this card is absolutely not seasonal, but it's sunny, which is what the sun's trying to do today. It's trying to peek out of the clouds and send some warmth down (not working though). I was only just saying to Andrew last night that we're spoilt here in Queensland because if we don't see the sun for a few days we think something's wrong!

I made this card to try out the ric rac border made with decorative scallop scissors (Fiskars ones with mustard handles). I taught a class recently where we cut a trim for a party hat and one lady in the class cut it differently by accident and it ended up looking like ric rac. Gosh, my mum used to sew ric rac onto the dresses she made for me when I was five. Who knew it'd come back into fashion? And it's been back for a while too. And stayed.

So anyway, it was a great accident and I really wanted to come home and try it on a card. Turned out nice and want to use it again. I love finding little techniques like this that can jazz up a card easily. To keep track of them I stick them in a sample book so I can flick through it if I need a bit of an idea on a card. Works well although I don't really flick through the book much! I think putting ideas in there helps to put it in my mental filing system though, which is why I continue to do it so that's okay. :o)

Til next time, stay warm!

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