28 July 2009

The croc and the lion


Just wanted to share the croc and lion cards that I made using the Sassafras Wild Side chipboard pieces. Have had so much fun with these animals!

I made the lion one differently, but didn't like it in the end. Pulled it apart and made this instead. Much better. You'll have to believe me on that because there's no evidence of the previous card. Actually there may be...but there's no evidence here. All crafters are allowed a percentage of stuff that goes in the old bino...you know! And yes, bino is a word. To me anyway. Maybe it should be spelt bin-o...so it's easier to pronounce correctly.

And the percentage? 10%? 15%? 5%?

Do you have a bin-o percentage?

I'd say mine is about 5%. And I say that for the following reasons:
1. Because I try to fix things that aren't working, unless I just get over it and chuck it.
2. I'm cautious and I don't commit to the design unless I like it (excepting original lion card of course).
3. If I make something I don't like I pull it apart and try to make it into something better (original lion card again).
4. I try to only use things that are inspiring me at the time so the chances of the old bin-o coming into play are decreased dramatically.
5. I'm a results-based person and to see an hour's worth of work go into the bin is not an option, so I make it work!

(Okay, so I don't do these things all the time as is obvious with the lion do-over card.)

Well, there you go. That's my bin-o percentage and rationale. Gosh, who knew this blog would turn into a place of bin-o percentages!

Enough rambling. Will finish off by mentioning that the ruffled paper is creased every couple of cms or so along the bottom. A piece of double-sided tape on the card (or the paper itself if you like) helps to stick it down as you go along. No staples. Andrew didn't like the staples on one card I used. The giraffe one I think it was. He doesn't do the craft, but he knows what he likes, that's for sure.

Andrew's rules of crafting:
  • Subtle use of glitter
  • No staples!

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