14 July 2009

The answer

Hi, how are you this week?

Just remembered that I haven't told you where I was in the photo I put up on Saturday. I was on Prince Edward Island in Canada at Cape Tyron and above is Green Gables in Cavendish. It was a dream come true for me to go to PEI because I'd wanted to go ever since I saw Anne of Green Gables in the mid-eighties. And yes, it's my favourite movie!

"Oh, Marilla! I feel like I've been given the moon and I don't quite know what to do with it..."

"I'm in the depths of despair!"

And the apology to Rachel for calling her fat. SO funny. "All the things I said about you were true too, but I shouldn't have said them..."

Still makes me laugh after all this time. Should watch it again soon :o)

Have a wonderful day!

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