03 December 2011

A Scrap Quiz - What's your scrap history? Part 8

To finish the scrap history posts, I thought I'd end with the stats. 

Started in Dec 2000

Still going strong today.

This is not a hobby to me, it's something that I do. It's our life in photos and I'll always take them and organise them in some sort of album form.

Completed at last count: 

15 chronological albums - 12 x 12

4 trip albums - 12 x 12

10 other 12 x 12 albums of various themes.

2 albums in 8 x 8

Over 100 mini albums

4 Photo album books - 2 ups

3 December Daily albums

1 On the Road album

Wow, that's a lot.

I do get a bit concerned about the volume of stuff, but I've really pulled back on that in the last few years and I try to let the photos mature before I get them printed out. I print less that way.

So, that's it for this question - it turned out to be an eight parter, far out.

What it comes down to is...

...and that makes me happy.


PS. A Scrap Quiz is a series on the blog-o. Click on the A Scrap Quiz label on the right sidebar if you'd like to read the other posts. Bye now.

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