01 December 2011

A Scrap Quiz - What's your scrap history? Part 6

We're continuing on with my scrap history today...

You can check out the rest of the posts under the A Scrap Quiz label on the sidebar there. 

Today I'm talking about December Daily albums. 

I've done a December Daily album for the past three years and I'll be doing one again this year. 

This year's will be in another visual diary like the black one below. I find they're what work for me at the moment. I like creating a 'scrapbook' rather than an album.

I was going to use the blue Smash book, but it just said no right at the time I went to use it. It happens.   

Below the visual diary is about 10 x 10, this year's is A4. It's black too. I'm going to tie a big red bow on it when I'm done.

Best part? No cover to decorate.  

Here are my three December Daily albums.

2008 - top left

2009 - top right
  • Did the project in Dec 2009, but didn't buy the album until halfway through 2010, and didn't finish the whole thing until Dec 2010.
  • Used page protectors (8 x 8).
  • Mostly one single page per day.
  • Made the page inserts.
  • Kept it a lot more simple.
  • Didn't finish this one until late 2010 (because of the album and I just lost interest because it got confusing as to what I was doing. Took the buying the album to sort it out).
  • Think I did just the 25 days of Dec.
  • I remember this project being a bit of a muck around...just wasn't on my game.
  • You can read more about my 2009 December Daily project here - lots of photos. 

2010 - bottom
  • Used a visual diary (black cover, white paper, bound spine) - a pre-bought book that I already had here at home.
  • Didn't have to make an album before December - hip hip hooray (after doing a lot of craft for my job during the year, I found making the album too much and I lost my mojo to actually document December when it rolled around in 2008 and 2009).
  • Used as many pages as I wanted for the day.
  • Stuck bits in.
  • Used a 4 x 6 piece of paper as a template for the photo that was going to go there in the future. Just journalled around the template and wrote in pencil in the middle of the space what the photo was.  
  • Enjoyed the process a lot. 
  • Even used a different punch each day just for fun. I added paper strips to fill up the white spaces if I wanted to and I used the different border punches I had to decorate those strips. What punch are we using today? Liked that. 
  • This approach is very much the old, old (think Lucy Maud Montgomery old) approach to scrapbooking. Scrap-booking. 
  • It's fun.
  • I used a blue biro to journal with.
  • I wrote in running writing.
  • I never do that in my albums normally.
  • Actually, not true, I've started using blue biro in my chrono albums. I do not like (the proper) black journalling pens when they get chisels on the tips!
  • Further info on my 2010 December Daily project can be found here. 

And here they are open, so you can see the differences inside. 

The Joy is the Christmas card my mum sent me that year. 

Hmm, interesting projects these. 

Like 'em. 

Wonder how this year's will go?

Will see!

PS. Next post is my move to divided page protectors for good. 

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