19 December 2011

Crafting update - The string...

It's a really bad name, but I call it the string.

Maybe it should be the garland or the pretty thing, but the string? Not fab a name, is it?

Here's last year's string...

or strings...there are two really.

The string is actually ribbon strung between the dining room lights. 

From now on I'll call it the ribbon. 

Here is this year's ribbon. 

Some things are the same as last year and some things are new.

The biggest difference is I've made a lot of the strings longer. Just felt like it.

Usually I put a red tablecloth on, but I've kept the coloured one for the moment. Like it.

Cody's stocking is on the end there - it's purely for decoration. We don't do dog gifts. I bought him a ball thrower (hello, bought it for me) the other day out of necessity, not for a gift.


A long string of flat shapes on one string hanging from the string...er, ribbon.

Chipboard stars covered with gold glitter (Sizzix Bigz die - Pinwheel is Sizzix Bigz too).

3D ornaments - eight trees folded and glued together. Glitter ended at the end. One of my favourites this year. It's the pink Sullivans punch. I walk by and spin them for fun.

A button wreath - can you see it? Got the idea from Martha Stewart on Pintrest. Hers was green. Red's the go for me.

More stars.

More 3D ornaments.

More flat ornaments.

Used My Mind's Eye 12 Days of Christmas collection a lot.

Oooh, there's the Vintage Ornament punch that I had to throw out...see it just there? It's cream and covered in clear glitter. Looks pretty. It's a collector's item now!

There's the button wreath. These photos were taken at a few different times. I only made one wreath.

And see those candy canes? They're fakes. Love them. Got 'em from Big W for $5 for a box of 12. Bought two boxes and put the other lot on our tree. Just stuck 'em in there.

So that's the ribbon update. 

I've got some ornaments on my desk that haven't been glittered yet, so I'll do them soon. Haven't been spending much time there recently...

Okay, bye now. Hope your Christmas season is travelling along nicely. 



  1. Found your blog through Pinterest. Love your creative ideas!! This Wall Garland is absolutely fabulous! Who would have thought of pinwheels for Christmas? It works! So fun and whimsical. I love all of them!

    1. Hi Elizabeth, Welcome, glad you found me (although I'm not blogging much at the moment as you can see, but hopefully I'll be back soon). Thanks for commenting, it was lovely to hear from you. Glad you liked the decorations and the pin wheels. Merry Christmas to you - it's only a month away!


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