20 December 2011

2011 December Daily

Thought I'd post a couple of updates of my Dec Daily today.

I haven't been doing it every day, but I've been collecting stuff for each day and as of now, I'm up to date. Last night I did three days at once - ie. stuck all the stuff in and wrote a few notes.

The whole blank page thing works for me - I'm not interested in designing much, just documenting. I'll do it this way next year too. I like it.

Full page photos are good - Ali's doing them a lot this year and she inspired me to do one too. Told ya the girl inspires me.

I still have a bit of journalling to write on that second page.

I'm not a fan of leaving blank spots, but it's the way of it this year.

We bought a new star for the tree - ours was second hand when we got it and we had it for about 15  years. It was time!

Sorry, some of the photos are a bit dark.

On the right is a blog post I wrote about the scrapping girls that inspire me. I just printed it out in green and pink (I'm all about the coloured writing this year) and stuck it in.

String (ribbon pics) on the coldest Dec day we've had in 100 years. Hello, it's summer over here. 19 degrees is below average winter weather for us.

Chopped up the free Coles magazine that you get in-store. I'm not a sweet tooth, but I loved the way they presented the things with ribbon and baker's twine (on the right of the second page).

Post it notes show where photos go. I haven't had a chance (or the will) to go back to the shops to get the photos developed - will do at a later time.

Mum, Sue and I did some crafting and we listened to 150 Christmas songs in 8 hours. Whoa baby.

Printed out a calendar and added bits and pieces to it. Like this idea. Will do it again.

 Ali suggested writing a letter to Santa this year and Pink Paislee had a downloadable page, so I decided to do it. Just a bitta fun. 

Actually wrote a two-parter because I forgot to tell him what I wanted in the first letter!

A spot for two photos to go on the left there again.

We ate dinner outside under our lights and I took a couple of shots. We didn't last too long - the mossies chased us inside.

We've since moved the lights inside, so we can enjoy them each night without the bugs...

I want those Adirondack chairs! I'll have the light blue one please. It's actually the Christmas card that Andrew got from work. Nice, hey?

That's all the pages I've taken photos of. Just wanted to give a general idea of what I've been doing. The book's almost full.

Okay, bye now, talk soon.

PS. I made that banner back in November and kept it to stick in the Dec Daily. Like how it looks.

PS. Numbers are Papertrey Ink number dies.

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