23 December 2011

Christmas lights with an arty twist

Last night we passed by a local church and decided to stop in for a quick look. I ended up taking some Christmas light photos with an arty twist...literally.

You know how you've got your camera on the Normal setting with no flash and the photos are all fuzzy? 

Well, I just went with that and moved the camera on purpose (in a circle, up and down or sideways - whatever) as I was taking the photos and ended up with these...

Shepherds and sheep. 

Hmm um, yes, it is. 

Angel's skirt. 

They make your eyes go a bit funny at this point! 

Camels and the three wise men. 

Andrew did this one, I think. 

Skirt again. 

My fav, I think. 

Moved the camera to the left and down. Only had 5 mins to do all this, so it was all pretty quick. 

The lights were cascading here in real life - they're the best to do this with. 

Anyway, like 'em. 

Just a bitta fun. 

Yep, I'll print a couple out and stick 'em in my book. 

Here are the photos for realz. 

All taken on the trusty Lumix on the night scenery setting. 

No tripod. Just me. 

Tried using Andrew's shoulder, but that required coordination of me taking the photo and him holding his breath.

Ended up just holding the camera up and snapping them. 

And that, people, is why I'd get a Lumix again in a heartbeat. Quicker than that, can't be without a camera.  

Also took this shot of the tree in town...

I think it's a tiny bit fuzzy, but it's still a goodie. 

The best option when taking shots like this at night I reckon is to just lift the camera up and take the shot rather than try to hold the camera still for 5 secs before you take it. 

My first shot (the lift and snap one) was the best. 

That being said, I often use a tripod at home when there are lights involved, it's just easier. 

Okay, bye now! 


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