24 December 2011

2011 Cody Christmas Card

After saying I wasn't going to make Christmas cards this year...I ended up making some. Was a surprise to me too.

Sometimes it's just the way of it.

Sometimes intentions lead to motivation and output.

Sometimes they don't.

And sometimes flicking things actually leads to flicking them.

And sometimes it doesn't.

And sometimes inspiration just kicks in whether you want it to or not. 

I'd taken some fun photos of the dog in the backyard...

...and made some name tags for a party...

...and bought some oh-so-fab ticket stamps from Unity Stamps (these were a no-brainer when I saw them).

All of them had nothing to do with the other...nothing at all really.

But one day they all melded together and a Christmas card idea was born.

And I wanted to make it.

And I decided to.

And I finished them this week.

Andrew (yes, the man) wrote on them and I addressed/stamped them etc.

We're a good team.

He even wrote on one for me and made me teary. "That was my aim," he said.

Nice. It was.

I love the card.

It's from the heart.

It's 'just because'.

It's us.

It's the dog.

It's me right now.

Simple, easy and fun.

Gotta tell ya though - they didn't take five minutes. You know how I say that 'these things never take five minutes?' Well, I'm right. They don't.

Each of these took about 10 mins - still pretty good for a card.

Worth it.

Bye now!

Merry Christmas!


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