29 November 2011

A Scrap Quiz - What's your scrapping process?

Well...sometimes the hardest part is actually going and standing at the cabinet. 

After that it's usually easy. 


I grab some photos from the box where I keep them in chronological order. This is where I put them after I get them developed.

You can see some typed journalling there already. On that day (whatever it was) I typed out the journalling and just stuck it in the box next to the relevant photos, so it'd be all ready to stick in when I got to it.

I scrap in chronological order.

I sometimes add different stories and connections in that chronological sequence.


I grab some paper from the paper section. Full sheets above.

Scraps in the drawer here.

I cut a piece to 4 x 6 (or choose one from the pile already cut at the front. Some are patterned paper, some are lined paper if I just want to journal the story and nothing else).


I grab a journalling card to stick to the 4 x 6 piece of paper.

Or I grab a decorative bit if I want that.

I seem to grab a lot of things.


I choose some stickers for a title if I want to add it with stickers.


I type my journalling with Grandma's typewriter and enjoy the clickity clackity sound.

Or I write it by hand.

Or I type it on the computer and print it out and slip it behind the 4 x 6 title piece.

(Sometimes I sit at the computer and write the journalling for a stack of photos, cut the bits up and put them in the photo box ready to go)

The result is something like this.

Like any good choose-your-own-adventure-book, the process changes and the outcome changes, but the experience is always the same.

That is, worth it.


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