28 November 2011

A Scrap Quiz - What's your scrap history? Part 4

Back with Part 4 today.

Scrapping history topics covered so far - 12 x 12 chrono scrapping, other 12 x 12 scrapping, mini albums, albums made from scratch and then I started taking notice of

2 up albums as per Stacy Julian (also known as Photo Album Scrapbooking)

because they seemed like such a simple option. 

On the DVDs I mentioned previously, Stacy showed lots of different types of albums and mini albums. I'm sure she showed her famous 2 ups there.

Or it might've been in one of her books, or from Simple Scrapbooks magazine, but I definitely got the idea from her.

Edited to add: Look what I found in the Nov/Dec 2008 Simple Scrapbooks magazine?

Yep, that's an album done by Stacy. I remember the tags sticking out and ribbons and bits.

Same ad, but with the special issue they were advertising.

Here are some of my 2 up albums.

I made this one in 2005. 

I must've seen Stacy's 2 ups in those DVDs that I saw at the beginning of 2005 in order to have made it then. 

It's all a blur sometimes :o) - when I did this and started that. 

Two up albums are essentially pre-made albums that you buy at Myer or wherever you like. I like the ones without the journalling strips.

This album is one about fun days out. It's nice to look back on and see the things Andrew and I did as a couple, with family and with friends.

Above and below are two family ones.

Here's a Holiday Highlights album that I started around 2006, 2007.

It's ongoing, even to this day (the Days Out one is full).

I get four (or so) extra photos developed from holidays we've had and stick them in here...

with typed journalling right on the photos.

It's al la Ali Edwards. I saw a 2 up album she did like this and knew I wanted to do the same with this particular album.

All these photos are in the chrono albums, so it doesn't bother me that there's writing on them. It's about the photos and the memories together as a holiday theme.

I like this album, it's fun to flick through. It starts with our honeymoon back in 1996 and is ongoing like I said.

Need to do a couple more pages in it - the last ones I did were from 2009.

Still got more scrap history to show you!

This is a ten year process we're looking at here, hope you're sticking with me. Bless you if you are.


PS. A Scrap Quiz is a series I'm doing on the old blog-o. You can check out my other A Scrap Quiz posts on the right sidebar there.

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