24 November 2011

A Scrap Quiz - What's your scrap history? Part 3

I'm still talking about my scrap history today.

So far I've talked about my chronological albums, mini albums and other 12 x 12 albums.

The whole process to get to where I am today has been interesting, for sure.

Previously I showed the albums I made from scratch....

Here are a couple of pages from inside them...

And the back inside cover.

I bought the posts and page protectors separately and then covered chipboard as per the lovely Trish's instructions with Bazzill.

The reason I made them was because I had to.

Two of Andrew's favourite things are four wheel driving and fishing. I made him a double-sided album about both. One side was the Fishing side and the back cover was actually the 4WDing side. A double album.

It was bound with rings and pretty hard to handle. It didn't feel finished and it was hard to hold while looking at it.

I left it because I didn't know what to do about it until I saw the video on the now defunct internet scrapbooking show that I used to watch at the time. I can't remember the name of the show unfortunately.

Trish made albums from scratch and I knew instantly that I would make two for Andrew's albums.

They turned out beautifully...really easy (well, easy enough) to do when you know how.

Guess what??

I've found the show on You Tube! I don't know if all of the shows they did are there, but there seems to be a lot. Trish is the lady with the short dark hair, she's lovely.

The show's called TV Weekly - check it out. Might be some good Christmas projects on there.

And I just scrolled through and found the actual album making video - oh fab.

Here it is - Post Bound Album.

It's worth checking out just for the 'wow, I could actually make that' factor.

Looks like they've put all their shows on You Tube for people to enjoy. I'm definitely going to check some of them out again - they're professional people from the instructors to the actual production of the program - it's good.

Well, there you go. A nice blast from the past for me.

And a link to something cool for you.

Good one. 

PS. Still more coming with the scrap history question. Gotta get up to the present day!

PPS. A Scrap Quiz is a series that you can check out on the right sidebar there. Enjoy.

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