15 November 2011

A Scrap Quiz - What's your scrap history? Part 2

I'm back today with Part 2 of "What's your scrap history?"

In part 1 I talked about how I got started in scrapbooking and the types of pages I did. Today I'm starting with the mini album craze and a craze it was for us.

In January 2005, I made my first mini album after watching a DVD that Stacy Julian did. If you go to the link, there are three DVDs in the grouping you can buy for about $14 USD. Totally worth it.

I was completely inspired by what she said and went on to make over 100 mini albums over the next four years. Some were for me, some were gifts - there were a lot.

I got Mum, Sue, Sharyn and Louise hooked on them too. I wonder how many were made between us all? So funny.

Of course none of them were really interested in them in the beginning, but they eventually caught on and as Sue said, "They're all I do now." Ha ha.

I just went into the other room where I keep most of them and took a couple of pics for you.

I made all sorts.

Ones with photos and a theme.

Ones full of childhood memories and photos.

Ones about Andrew and I.

Journal type ones.

Year in review ones.

Ones with punch art, lots without.

Some big, some small.

Some fat, some thin.

Some with lots of writing, some not.

The Details one has got pages and pages of typed memories about Andrew and I. The book was pre-made and the pages are envelopes. I typed the pages and just put them in the envelopes.

I remember this whole mini album period.

A lot of it was like therapy for me.

These books were ways to write stuff down, sort through things, sort things out. I was crafting, but I know I was growing as a person too.

If you've been crafting for a while you'll probably recognise a lot of the stuff!

Remember those metal embellishments? I think they were Making Memories. Above I used the tools and the dog ones.

And the cut outs?

Even the paper lines, recognise any of them?

It's fun to look back at people's old stuff and recognise things, isn't it? I wonder if there's a scrapbooking museum somewhere??

Christmas mini albums. I keep them in this basket and bring them out to look at during the Christmas season.

Not all of them are photo albums as such - some are Christmas cards I've made, some are memories, some are just fun projects.

Around 2007

I started doing 12 x 12 albums that were separate from my chrono albums - they were based on a theme.

I added a lot more patterned paper because I'd been doing it in the mini albums and was a lot more confident with it.

They're not really over-the-top pages as you can see. I have done ones with buttons, glitter and bits on them, but not a whole lot really.

If you've got any of my books, you'll see the scrapping pages in them too.

I remember having to make them and finding it really hard because I just wasn't a scrapbooker at the time. I was scrapping my chrono photos very simply and not doing pages like you'd find in the magazines.

The scrap pages on the front of these definitely reflect my scrapping prowess at the time (Book 1 was published in 2002 and Book 3 in 2004).

White page backgrounds were where I started and then I moved onto solid cardstock over time, it's obvious here.

I'm a pretty simple scrapbooker at heart.

Things I've not included on my scrap pages:
  • real sand
  • real shells
  • foam core
  • a mini album 

Things my mother has included on her scrapbook pages:
  • read sand
  • real shells
  • foam core
  • a mini album
I saw the pages again just recently - we laughed!

2006 - 2008

Were very busy years in my scrapbooking.

I was doing my 12 x 12 chrono albums, other 12 x 12 albums (trips etc), mini albums and I even made two 8 x 8 albums from scratch.

Here they are...

These are they and they're the only two I've ever done.

Even to this day I can't believe I made these, but they really were pretty easy. I remember the lady named Trish who made them on a scrapbooking show that used to be on - she was really good and made the whole process really doable.

In my next post I'll show you a bit inside and also the story behind them.

Bye now!

PS. Lots more still to come with this question, so I'll see you soon.

PPS. A Scrap Quiz is a series on the old blog-o. You can check out the whole series on the right sidebar. Hope you enjoy.

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