19 November 2011

October 2011 - Craft show update - Part 3

So here are the decorations at the show. 

Hard to see, hey?

If you look up the top you can see all the strings coming down over the black pelmet - there are a lot!

It looked really lovely and was at hit with everyone.

Literally a hit with some people as they got bopped on the head. We did leave room for people to walk in and out of the stand, but still a few got bopped. Including me. 

My station was in the u shape there. I loved having all the danglies around me while I worked.

Again, sorry you can't see all the decs - they were really hard to take photos of at the show. As I was standing there taking the photo I could see them, but they just didn't (couldn't) translate. Too busy (visually).

This was one of my favourites - just cut out, painted with glue and covered in the white fizz. So sparkly. Got a lot of comments about it in particular, so others felt the same way.

It's a Cottage Cutz die called Scalloped Doily.

My station. My view. And the white fizz in the container - so much easier to use when it's like that. I have all the stampers around the internet to thank for that.

Had a few visitors - they didn't tell me they were coming. Mum on the left, Sue (sister) and Di (adopted aunty).

Was good to see you girls!

Had a good show - sold things, made things, liked it all.

Will be back soon to show you all the decs at PC - I hung them up over there for the Christmas season.

I'll also post close ups, so you can actually see what they look like!

Til then :o)


  1. Hi Debra, I went to PC yesterday (saturday) & saw your deco's. They look fab hanging from the umbrella. It's a great idea if you were having your christmas outside... Jammie

  2. Hi Jammie - When I put the decs up at the show Teena said she wanted to put a structure around the make and take table in the shop to display them when the show was over. She didn't know what type of structure, just something to display them. She put it to one of the guys at the shop and that's what he came up with. I chuckled when I saw it...and when I finished it looked like it was raining decorations! It's all a bit of fun - and it certainly makes an impact, that's for sure. Glad you liked them - thanks for letting me know. Bye now :o)


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