18 November 2011

A little story - Christmas lists

A little story...and a long running one.

My grandma was a huge list maker.

And a huge list keeper.

She kept all of her lists in a book rather than on bits of paper and they added up to quite the...well...list, in the end.

In that book she recorded what she served at her son's 21st birthday party in the late 60s.

She also recorded what she took on holidays in the 1970s.

There were wedding lists, Christmas food lists, and the reason for this post, Christmas present lists.

Here's Grandma.

That's her on the right there.

Granny and Pappa are on the left (it was my 17th birthday). Grandpa was there too, as well as the rest of the family.

Mum showed me Grandma's lists book last year - I borrowed it and wrote down some of the Christmas gifts she gave me over the years (I was born in 1973).

1973 - Child's cutlery $4.25
1977 - Jewel box $5.98
1979 - Bed dog (that you put your pyjamas in during the day - I remember that dog) $6.56
1983 - Cluedo $16.69
1984 - Gold watch with safety chain $4.99, Basket $4
1985 - Hair dryer $14.95
1986 - Two silver bracelets $4.99 $4.99, Silver sleeper earrings $2
1987 - Bracelet KMart $4.98, Casette case $10.99
1988 - Night shirt from Venture $15, Pendant - Korean Pavilion - Expo $10, Earrings $12
1989 - Perfume $17.98
1990 - Tape Petra Praise $15.25
1991 - Key ring $3, Crochet (that she made), Book - A Woman Named Damaris $7.95
1992 - UBD KMart $15
1993 - 2 Laser Knives large $9.93, small $6.93, Crisper $4.77

How many people have this sort of list??

How lucky am I?

It's just a little thing, but it's a good thing because it's a collective memory, but it also brings back other memories of the Christmas parties we had with her and Grandpa over the years and all the wonderful times we shared together.

And I remember her showing me the list book probably about ten years ago. I chuckled then because it was so her. I chuckle now because it's still so her, and a bit of me too. Not to that extreme, but definitely me.

This year is the first year we won't have Grandma around at Christmas. She passed away in August. It's sad, but she's in heaven, so she's all good.

I miss her, but I'm glad she's there. It's where she belongs.

Merry Christmas, Grandma, Grandpa, Granny and Pappa - miss you all...so much - thanks for all the gifts you bestowed on all of us over the years, but thanks most of all for the love.


  1. What a beautiful post. I lost my Nan in July, her birthday would have been August. Can't say my Nan was a list maker, but loved reading your lists. Wow, I remember Venture! I was born in 73 too, great year hey ;-)

  2. Hi Selena,
    Thanks - glad you liked it. Just thought of it and wanted to write about it. I'm sorry you lost your nan - hope you're okay. I had a chuckle at Venture too...a shop from long ago. Oh, another 1973er...nice. Have a wonderful weekend :o) PS. You asked me about the page protector scrapping - I've done the posts and they're going up gradually over the next few weeks in amongst everything else. One post turned into eight!


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