17 November 2011

October 2011 - Craft show update - Part 2

Hi, back again with more behind-the-scenes shots from the October show. 

I was making six metres of hanging decorations to hang on the front of the stand, but I needed somewhere to hang them at home too. 

Out came the lamps and the tripod! ha ha. Worked well in the end...

This hallway is right outside my room, so I'd make stuff, hang it on the drawer knobs then transfer it out here. 

When making stuff like this it's important for me to see how it's progressing and by hanging the bits up as I went along...well, I was able to see how it was progressing. 

Umm, kinda slowly.

No glitter yet. Wasn't going to in the beginning, but it needed it and looked lovely with it in the end.

Still slowly...the photos don't translate the string very well. I remember this from last year. Anyway, there are more on there than it looks like.

Love that long one hanging down towards the front there with all the punched shapes up and down the string.

Andrew made a couple of decs too. Can't get away from doing craft in this house. He asked to do it too, I didn't ask him.

He made a jingle bell string with the berries and green/white pipe cleaner right below...

...see it near the black pole there? He also made a foam ball with Merry on it. He just did the Merry bit, I had to fill it in with white glitter.

I love this photo of the dog!

He was walking up the hallway and I told him to Stop and Sit. He's gorgeous. Note the fuzzy ornaments to the right there - swinging due to someone's tail swiping them.

Are are over 100 strings there - I think 110 in the end. Looked like more in real life!

I'll put the pics up of them at the show in my next update post.

See you then!


  1. omg debra i love your stringy thing,its beautiful, where do all the shapes come from. going to adopt your idea esp. the wreaths. so so pretty. thank you so much for you. Dee

  2. They're all dies or punches - whatever you have you can use. You just need eight of the shape folded in half and glued together. Glad you like the ideas!

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZ4tExaXo5U

    Hi again Dee,
    Check out this video on how to make the ornaments - you can use whatever shape you have, just do about 6 for a small size, 8 for a medium and 12 for a biggie. Just a general idea. Add glitter at the end by painting your glue on (I watered mine down a little) with a foam brush and then sprinkling the glitter. Hope that helps! Have fun!

  4. PS. Cut and paste the link there into your browser and press enter and it'll take you to the video :o)


  5. Thanks for that Debra, I think I can figure it out from the photo,s, not much good with cut/paste stuff. Love the paper wreath idea. just got to go into garage and find some wire and away i go. As always, a big thank you. Dee


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