12 September 2011

The Codester

What is she doing?

Oh, she's singing...

Thanks for that. 

Can I go to sleep now? 


Notes for you my dear readers: 

1. That gift was not for him. It was actually for our nephew, but I put it in the photo to remind me that it was Cody's birthday when I saw the photos. 

2. The doggie turned two. 

3. Our nephew turned two too. 

4. Cody's had a haircut, or an ear-cut, courtesy of Andrew. Please, brace yourself...

I know, I know....

I came home from work and found him looking like this. I wasn't upset, but I was like...what'd you do? Honestly, babe, what happened?

Turns out he had a lot of burrs in his ear hair and they were too hard to get out. Now, I would've gotten them out because I've done it tonnes of times, but I think Andrew decided to take the let's-just-get-done approach.

Poor doggie.

What do you think, Cody?

Thought so.

This is how he used to look. I'd considered giving him a haircut, but I didn't want to make a mess of it, so I'd not decided what to do, or if I'd do it at all. Andrew took that decision outta my hands for sure.

Lol, gotta laugh.

Cody's certainly not above considering he was going to the beach. For goodness sake, the beach, dog, and you're looking like that. Must've gotten you in between expression changes.

Just for kicks, here's where we went...

And here's what he did. Was funny seeing his little legs working it under the water. So funny. I love that dog. We'd throw him off the big jetty (top photo) if we could. He'd love it. 

Here's to dogs and husbands. 

In other news: I'm working on a post from the craft show. Will get that up soon. Have a great evening. 


  1. It's like a dogs version of the mullet! Poor Cody, don't worry, as the saying goes "it's only six weeks between a bad hair cut and a good one" although in your case it could be a little longer. xo

  2. Yep, I'm thinking it could be months, even a year. I wouldn't have a clue, but I reckon it's going to take a while!

  3. Happy Birthday Cody, haven't seen you for awhile, you'll have to come over for a play.
    Love Benji xx

  4. Hi Benji, No, we haven't seen each other for ages. I've missed rough-housing. The girl isn't really good at rough-housing around here. The boy is but he's not here as much as she is. She's the best with the ball throwing though. I love it when she comes outside because ball throwing is imminent. Did you know we have three new chooks living here now? Maybe you and I could have a go at them sometime? Remember when we did that last time at Graham's, that was a blast. Oh, gotta go, the girl just looked over my shoulder and told me in no uncertain terms that if I kill a chook I'll be wearing a chook necklace for two days. Two days! Can you imagine? I can't. And I don't want to. Ppphhew.

    Yeah, that's right, Cody, ppphhheeeww, you've been warned.


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