13 September 2011

From the comments section yesterday...

...after the doggie ear-cut post.


Anonymous said...
It's like a dogs version of the mullet! Poor Cody, don't worry, as the saying goes "it's only six weeks between a bad hair cut and a good one" although in your case it could be a little longer. xo
Debra said...
Yep, I'm thinking it could be months, even a year. I wouldn't have a clue, but I reckon it's going to take a while!
sharyn said...
Happy Birthday Cody, haven't seen you for awhile, you'll have to come over for a play.
Love Benji xx
Debra said...
Hi Benji, No, we haven't seen each other for ages. I've missed rough-housing. The girl isn't really good at rough-housing around here. The boy is but he's not here as much as she is. She's the best with the ball throwing though. I love it when she comes outside because ball throwing is imminent. Did you know we have three new chooks living here now? Maybe you and I could have a go at them sometime? Remember when we did that last time at Graham's, that was a blast. Oh, gotta go, the girl just looked over my shoulder and told me in no uncertain terms that if I kill a chook I'll be wearing a chook necklace for two days. Two days! Can you imagine? I can't. And I don't want to. Ppphhew. 

Yeah, that's right, Cody, ppphhheeeww, you've been warned.

PS. Benji is Cody's cousin. They play together when we humans make it happen. They also get into mischief  like the time they got into Graham's chook pen.

PPS. Cody got Doris too. One of our chooks, did I tell you that?

PPPS. We have three new chooks - Pearl, Ruby and Queenie. I didn't want to get them because of the whole dog-eating-chook thing, but Andrew insisted and got them anyway.

PPPPS. So far, so good.

PPPPPS. I tell ya, chook necklace, chook necklace. If you do it again, dog, you're wearing it. I'm serious, although Andrew will probably have to actually put it around your neck because I don't want to touch a dead chook (I've done that before, it's not great). He's against the whole thing, so I don't know how it would work. It's kinda in the bridge-when-we-come-to-it basket. If we come to it and we better not.

PPPPPPS. I feel very strongly about it, so I'll probably have to be the one to put it around his neck, cause the boy'll probably say no. Reckon I could do it? I don't know, I really just don't know. Yukko.

PPPPPPPS. And then I'll probably have to be one to take it off two days later!! Oh man, never thought of that!!

PPPPPPPPS. Cody, do not eat the chooks, alright? Just don't. 

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