23 September 2011

More Fairy Dust Glitter: Mixed Berries this time

Hi there,

I said I'd be back today with some more glittery projects. Are you ready?

Here's the first....(hello, baker's twine)...

Firstly, two words....Daily Junque.

I'll just let that sink in for a bit before I carry on....

...sinking in....

...sinking in....

Okay, has it sunk?

Has the fabness of the papers sunk into the recesses of  the 'I've gotta get to my desk and make something now' part of your brain?

This paper is just. so. fab.

Have a look here - just look at the papers - they're what I'm talking about....

As is typical, I don't like all the papers in the collection. I know, what a downer, but it's the way I roll. The rocking it ones are the collage ones.

What do you think? Now I know that sometimes things don't translate onto the computer screen and sometimes our tastes are different, but you've gotta believe me when I say that this paper is fab. Like, it totally rocks.

I found it at PC (that place is a treasure trove) and snapped it up quickity sticks. I'd seen it online when it first came out, but I didn't buy any even though I liked it. This time though, I needed some paper for some projects and whammo, it came home with me.

I got stuck into it as soon as I could and ended up having a great time with it. Can you have a great time with paper? Yes, you can.

You know what it's like, it all just snaps and clicks and works and you think you're the greatest card maker ever because everything you touch turns to gold??

Yep, it was like that.

And that...is called inspiration...

...which is opposed to non-inspiration or wrong timing, which is more commonly called 'get outta here now and go do something else'...

Yep, been there so many times I've left my toothbrush for extended visits.

Anyway, Daily Junque and I were on the inspiration train and we rocked it. I love it when that happens. If only it was that easy all the time.

We rocked the glitter too.

Or the glitter rocked the papers!


Hold it...we need a close up....


I used the Mixed Berries Fairy Dust Glitter here. Made the flower go from fun to fabulous.

This was the time I realised that Mixed Berries was made for pinky/blue pattern combos.

Yesterday I talked about using certain glitters on certain papers, but I have to tell you that I've since used all three colours (Mixed Berries, Pralines and Cream and Sugar Shimmer) on these papers and they all look gorgeous.

(I've now added a note about that in yesterday's glitter review post - blogging is a 'current' media, but it's also a gigantic filing system and someone will look up that review in the future)

The card is actually a card by the way. It's got a back on it and is standing up open like a regular card would.

Okay, that's all for today - will share a couple more glittery cards soon. Yep, got more to show ya. Bye now.

PS. The handbag is an XL Sizzix die called Album, Purse and the embossing folder is called Wild Poinsettia from Couture Creations (got it at the show for five bucks...from Photo Continental, of course).

PPS. I was at my desk yesterday making some more cards like these and I had to work at it. The inspiration was still there, but the golden touch wasn't! That's craft...it ebbs and flows...

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