26 September 2011

More Fairy Dust Glitter flowers, but unfortunately...

...I think they're a bit of a disaster....

I was experimenting and the experiments didn't pay off.

Can you spot the problems?

There are two...

Firstly - I was too heavy handed with the glue - which translates into too much glitter on the flower. Kinda overpowers it.

These flowers look better to me when they have glitter on the edges of the petals, rather than over half the petals.

Tip for you: Not too much glue!

Second problemo - wrong type of glue.

I was experimenting and wanted a glue that really stuck, so I used Matte Accents.

Matte Accents, people! What was I thinking?

Diamond Glaze, Dimensional Magic, and some other new bottle of stuff at PC that I was intrigued by but didn't get to check out - all dry glossy and would've been the better choice.

Matte Accents dries matte which meeaaans...the glue under the glitter dried matte - ie. cloudy and less shine.

Not the look we usually go for with glitter...sigh.

I had the Matte Accents on my desk because I use it to stick buttons on all the time, so I just grabbed it without thinking.

Don't do that, hey, ie. check your brain at the door. It really doesn't work...

It worked out in the end though - - the disasters, that is.

Okay, let's not call them disasters - they're not disasters. Let's call them, 'not my favourites'. Not everything is, or has to be, a masterpiece.

I took them to display at Photo Continental for a couple of reasons:

~   I was hoping someone would be inspired by them regardless of the heavy handed glue. Hey, some people like that.

~   The glitter kinda looked like snow. I didn't mind it when I thought of it like that.

~   I hate throwing things away, so used them anyhow.

Like it said, it worked out in the end.

One lady came to my table and wanted to make the exact flower with the exact papers in the exact order - which we did.

And she loved it.

I've learnt that lesson over the years, for sure.

What one loves, another doesn't.

What one reeeaallly dislikes, another loooovvveess.

I, for one, reeeaaalllly do not like distressing - distress stamping and inking in particular. No way. But I know for a fact you would have some very unhappy crafters on your hands if you took away their inks.

Crafting - it's an equaliser.

We all love making stuff, but what we make is poles apart. It's the way it is. It's good.

Even if my flowers aren't....to me.

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