15 September 2011

Make and Take

Hi there, 

I mentioned the other day that I was going over to the make and take at PC yesterday and I did. And I likeeed it.  

Here's Teena with her completed project.

That's a box cut out on the Big Shot Pro. Did you know that if you buy your paper at PC you can get things cut out for you on the Pro for I think it's 50c a cut? Good if you've got a wedding in the family, or a party, or a baby shower. Cute.

For our projects we all coloured a La La Land stamp - she was called Fancy Marci - so cute. I also like Sugar n' Spice Marci. So gorgeous.

There they all are. La La Land - such a cute name.

Cute - it's one of my favourite words today.

And all the Copic markers. They're amazing. Architects have been using them for years, as well as book illustrators - hello, they're good pens.

So I got to use them for the first time with Trevor showing me the ropes. He ran the make and take and showed us all how to colour in evenly and nicely. I had a light touch apparently.

Here's my Marci.

The hardest thing with colouring (and it's always been the way with me) is settling on the colour scheme beforehand.

With punch art I can punch the shape out until I find the right colour. I can literally stick that flower in her hair in 17 different colours until I find the right one (not that I know anything about that or anything. A punch art girlie was recently giving me curry with the colour of the flower in her hair...needed to be orange in the end).

I'm not overly fussed with the blue and yellow of Marci's dress, but hey, I had to make a decision. Trevor steered me away from pink because he'd seen too much that day - ha ha. I didn't like the green one and I'm not a purple girl, so blue and yellow it was.

I went with red accents and wait for it...

...pink foiled lipstick!

Trevor did the colouring bit with us and the PC girls took over with the extra bits.

To get the lipstick look we used a Quickie Glue Pen (glue with a biro sized tip) to colour in the lips. Then we  heat set the glue (it's the type that goes on blue and dries to clear...and repositional) to make it tacky. And then we put the foil over it and rubbed it on.

So cute and fun - don't you love it?

She needed a bit of something to accent the red bits, but they didn't have any red foil, so I added some Dimensional Magic here at home.

Pretty happy with my first attempt with the colouring and I think she's pretty sweet.

I've yet to cut her out. The top of the white is chopped behind her head because that's where we were testing colours and it was putting me off...choppo.

The whole thing was fun, I learnt something new (a few things), got to spend a bit of time with the girls and gave to a good cause at the same time.

Win, win if you ask me except that Mum wasn't able to come. Poo.

Now, Marci, what am I gonna do with ya?

I'll probably cut you out and put you in my photo album at some point. It's all part of the story. That's another benefit of putting photos in albums - you can put other stuff in there too that tells your story. Oh, love it.

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