22 August 2011

A coupla others for the boys...

...big or little. 

Out come the circles - so fab. 

If the sight of the soccer and beach balls make your eyes twitch and your hands sweat, flick 'em and go the easy route...

Your desk, your rules. 

And the fellas will be none the wiser. 

Total punch art soccer balls I've made? 


The easy route is just easier... 

All of them are covered with Dimensional Magic to make them shine too. Just so you know. 

Okay, enjoy the cards - talk again soon. 



  1. OMG what good timing, love the boys cards.As I have two little boy grandies who always play with balls(had to be careful how i said that), you have given me a great idea. Thank you. My friend and I are off to the (aust) craft fair in hamilton in 2 weeks. Dying to check out all yr new stuff. Always go each year as aust stuff is different and wonderful. Its also a quilt fair and the people who make the most awesome quilts are gods(ess) in my view. They are total works of art.
    weather here seems to be picking up and we have a weak watery sun but at least its there.
    Have a great one. Dee

  2. Hi Dee, I have a nephew who needs a birthday card in a couple of weeks, so I'm going to make him one of these. Great timing for both of us, hey? Glad I could be of service :o) Enjoy the craft show - they're always fun...and tiring too. Glad the weather's picking up for you. We've got all the rain now over here. Bye for now, Debra


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